The TRAVERSE monitor arm increases your options for monitor arm placement and access.  It also features a short pole design for optimal space and storage. The counterbalanced spring technology provides a longer life for the product by not relying on gas cylinders.


  • Best in class arm provides 26.0” of reach with 13.0” of usable height adjustment
  • Visually appealing short pole monitor arm folds into a 4-3/8” area for more desk space in smaller work environments
  • Tool-less clamp installation makes assembly quick and easy
  • Easy-to-use Allen wrench adjustment to counterbalance the weight of the monitor.
  • With a clamping range of 0” to 2.40” (clamp) that is standard, this new arm will fit on any work surface
  • Enclosed cable management system hides cables
  • Counterbalanced spring technology allows for a 2 to 14 lbs load (no gas leakages from use of gas cylinders)
  • The Dual Bar has a max combined monitor weight of 19 lbs
  • The arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the options for display position
  • Made in USA – BAA compliant. Meets GSA bid requirement.


Silver, White or Black


  • TRAV-1-LT-NP:  Single Screen, double extension arm (1 height adjustable).  2″ pole.  2-14 lb monitor.  Max Screen 37″.
  • TRAV-2-ARRAY-LT-NP:  Dual Screen, standard cross bar bracket, double extension arm (1 height adjustable), max 22″ screen width.  2″ pole.  19 lbs combined monitor weight.
  • TRAV-2-2A-LT-4P:  Dual screen, two double extension arms (each with one height adjustable segment), max 37″ screen width.  4″ pole, 2-14 lbs per monitor.


15 yrs.