Our new CIRCUIT PLUS-USPH power unit is a combination of our all-in-one desktop hub and an under surface power hub. The under surface power hub utilizes four Tamper-Resistant (TR) outlets with an overload reset switch as a standard safety feature. These four outlets are great solutions for powering desktop PC’s, monitors, handset phones and other accessories.  

The above the desk power unit features a minimalistic design fused together with extensive power & charging options to cover all your desktop power needs. The CIRCUIT PLUS-USPH comes standard with a 18W max A USB Type-A charging port and a 45W Max A USB Type-C charging port—perfect for fast charging traditional USB devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart watches along with a built in PD feature that allows the USB-C port to charge most USB-C powered laptops. It also features two Tamper-Resistant AC outlets which are great solutions for monitors, computers and other desktop items.


  • VLT-PLUS-USPH with standard features:
    • (2) Tamper-Resistant (TR) AC outlets
    • (1) USB-A port: 5V-12V, 18W Max.
    • (1) USB-C port: 5V-20V, 45W Max.
    • 6′ 14AWG x 3C power cord (other cord lengths available by special order)
    • Rating: 125V 60Hz 15A
  • Under surface hub specs:
    • (4) Tamper-Resistant (TR) AC outlets
    • Overload protection with reset switch
    • Rating 125V 60Hz 15A
  • UL & cUL certified for use in USA & Canada


White, Black and Silver


    • Standard Desk Clamp –
      • CIR-PLUS-USPH-2P1A1C-DC-6
      • CIR-PLUS-USPH-2P1A1C-DC-10


5 yrs